6 Reasons Why Depict is the Art-Meets-Tech Product You Need In Your Home

The home is a sacred place. It is the one spot you can retreat to after a long day, an exhausting trip, or even just a particularly strenuous trip to the grocery store. Once you walk in the door, you can gently shed the burdens of the day and immediately immerse yourself in your personal brand of familiar comfort. Personalizing your space is no longer a luxury: it’s almost mandatory in today's busy world. That’s where Depict comes in.

Depict allows you to cast its Netflix-like Art Club app, which houses hundreds of curated artworks, onto its 4K, 49" Frame with the click of a button. The whole experience is masterfully designed to provide an optimal in-home viewing environment used to decorate, discover and contemplate meaningful art and photography. Here's how. 

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1. Change your decor whenever you’d like

Can’t commit to a single piece of art? Now you can change up the look of your room with a simple click on your phone. Choose from hundreds of curated works - or your own photography - seamlessly.

2. Gain access to museum-quality art without leaving your home

It’s like having a real life Van Gogh in your own collection … for a fraction of the cost. Our curatorial team has collected art from the world's biggest museums and hippest contemporary galleries to bring you at-home access to exceptional art.

3. Rotate the display of your art quickly and easily

Choose how you want to view your piece. With an easy-to-use swivel wall mount, the frame can go from portrait to landscape in a few seconds.

4. View your own photos on a 4K quality digital display

Showcase your own photography skills in a professional setting. Or delight your guests with beautiful images from your wedding, vacation or sky-diving adventure.

5. Create visual playlists that fit your mood.

Switch up your own decor with the Depict app. Depict's team releases new playlists every month to help you experience something different all the time. You can change your digital art daily, monthly or even hourly, if you would prefer.

6. Participate in Depict's Exclusive Art Club

With membership, gain special access to an even broader world of art curation and join other members who share your passion for seeing the beauty in the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Depict Frame today and let the art world come to you. Shop now.