7 Reasons Why Depict is the Ultimate Art Experience

You’ve planned trips to museums. You’ve met up with friends at galleries. You’ve gone to lectures, walked by murals, and even been known to stop by the occasional auction. And while each venue may have offered something special, they all also had their limitations. So what do you do if want to enjoy a piece of art without a crowd jostling you around? Or if you want to do research on the artist while you walk through the exhibit? Or if you simply want to enjoy a glass of wine with some close friends before, during, or after you see the piece? Enter: Depict. The new digital company that is redefining the way you can experience art. Here’s why you need to check them out:

1. View art using the highest quality 4K digital canvas

With its best-in-class technology, this frame gives you the opportunity to view artwork in ideal conditions.

2. Access amazing art hand-selected by preeminent curators

Depict’s renowned art experts have created ‘playlists’ so you can explore different pieces in a gallery-like fashion.

3. Connect to a wider artist community and ecosystem

Discover new artists, different collections, and additional content as you dig deeper into Depict’s wealth of resources.

4. Change up your art whenever you like, everyday

Find the art that matches your mood and switch it up. Display one piece at a time, or create your own digital gallery with images rotating throughout the day.

5. Support living artists with real royalties and living wages

Contribute to a community that has dedicated themselves to making the world a more beautiful and compassionate place.

6. View your own photos

Share your favorite memories – or your own artwork – with friends, family, and visitors.

7. Control everything over Wi-Fi and iOS

Curate your own personal gallery with your phone. No heavy lifting needed.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Depict Frame today and let the art world come to you.