The Six Best Digital Art Sites To Visit Next

Looking for some artistic inspiration? Or maybe some more personal art or photography to own? There are plenty of websites to check out, depending on what you’d like to find. With these websites, you can be the curator of your own personal collection before casting those images to your Depict frame. Use your own personal taste and preferences to help you sift through the various digital art experiences that you can find online. To help get you started, here are a list of a few of the best digital art sites available to you right now:

  1. Pinterest

People use Pinterest for a variety of design-related projects. It’s a great platform to collect and curate your own mood boards so you can return to them, add to them, edit them, or achieve them, as you explore more options. Others use Pinterest to share their original work so you’ll also have access to digital art that may not be found in other collections.

  1. Artsy

This website describes itself as “a platform for collecting and discovering art.” After you’ve spent a few minutes exploring their options, you’ll see they have plenty of pieces for you to choose from. They currently have over one million artworks available for viewing. And, like Pinterest, you can save your favorites to your own collection so you can return to the pieces at any time and consider a purchase.

  1. Dribbble

If you are an artist, you have definitely used Dribble. This platform allows creatives from all different backgrounds the opportunity to create and share their latest projects. While many of these creators also use the platform to search for their new professional gig, you can also explore their work to find pieces for your collection. Who knows: maybe you’ll even commission a unique piece from one of the artists.

  1. Behance

This platform, which is owned by Adobe, also allows creators and artists to share their work with others from around the world. They also create curated galleries to help art fanatics and inspiration seekers to find more artwork that speaks to their style and sensibility.

  1. 500px

If you’re more of a photography lover, be sure to explore 500px. This platform allows photographers from all around the world share some of their best work. You can explore their different categories and purchase images from artists you admire.

  1. Colossal

In 2010, writer and curator Christopher Jobson launched Colossal, which is now “one of the largest visual art, design, and culture blogs on the web.” This website focuses on highlighting work from both seasoned and new artists who create all different types of work, from fine art to street art. The blog posts on this site provide more context to the pieces as well as share information about the art world at large.

With Depict, you can always cast your own digital art or photography to our frame with an easy click of a button. Experience digital art in 4K clarity today.