A world of art at your fingertips.

The Depict app for iOS gives you complete control of your Depict Frame.

Browse and display the Depict Collection.

Each digital artwork in the Depict Collection is curated and editorialized with a full description and information about the artist. Display an artwork instantly or add it to your favorites to view later.

Explore the Depict Collection

Display images from your iOS device.

Select an image from your camera roll. Rotate and crop it if needed, then display it instantly on your Depict Frame.

Manage and share your favorite artworks.

Collect your favorite artworks in one place for instant access.


It completely eliminates the worry of outgrowing or tiring of a piece of art. Basically, it's brilliant.


The Depict Frame allows you to experience art like never before.


The Depict Frame is the world’s first museum-quality digital canvas, and it’s blowing minds across the art community.


The Depict Frame

Bring the gallery home with your own Depict Frame.
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Artwork Credits: All artworks from the Depict Collection.